intro to me

I am married to a medical resident.  He works long hours.  I stay at home with our four young children.  Our oldest is nine-years-old.  Our youngest is 2-years-old.  Our lives are filled with adventures, experiments, sweet triumphs, catastrophes, games, dirty dishes, whining, laughing, sports, playing, cleaning, competitions, friends, reading books, talking, racing, exploring, gardening, spills, music, sharing, and learning.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).  I am passionate about the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon.  I feel a wonderful, strengthening, peaceful, uplifting power each time I read the words contained in it.  Reading it each day fortifies my knowledge that Jesus Christ lives and that He is my Savior.  My faith in Jesus Christ is everything to me.

I love to be outside.  I am a runner.  I love to serve others.  I inherited a strong desire to be involved in my community from my parents.  They taught me to look for ways to improve the lives of others, to work hard, to treat everyone equally and find a way to contribute something good to the world.  My husband and I met while serving LDS missions in South America, so we both speak Spanish fluently.  I received a Masters in Public Health not long after the birth of my fourth child.  My husband and I plan to be involved in international public health organizations once our children are a little older. 

Our four young children are runners, bicyclists, soccer players, Lego-builders, artists, readers, and mess-makers.  My life right now is full of driving kids to activities, volunteering in school classrooms, running, making meals, cuddling and reading books to my children, studying the gospel, participating in church as a counselor in Primary, working part-time from home as a marketing director, writing grants for my children's elementary school, and leisure reading - usually late into the night.

Hopefully this blog will provide helpful insights into our life that will provide strength, hope, and courage in the lives of those reading it.