Masters in Public Health

I received my masters degree in public health just after my husband graduated from medical school.  It took me 2 1/2 years.  I was seven-months pregnant - with my fourth child - when I walked in front of an audience to receive my diploma.  (I was huge in that robe.)

I loved studying for my MPH.  I loved having something to do when my kids were in bed and my husband was studying or staying overnight in the hospital.  I needed the intellectual stimulation and enjoyed many discussions with my husband regarding multiple topics that overlapped between our two fields of study.

Being in school together was actually really neat.

Plus, while I was in school I took out additional loans, not only for my school tuition, but also for books, babysitters, and any extra money we needed for living expenses, which reduced a lot of financial stress during his medical school years.

The emphasis of my MPH was in international public health. Some day I want to use my degree along with my husband's medical degree to serve under-developed and resource poor communities throughout the world.  (But, honestly, I would sign up to be a "professional student" if I could be.  I love school.  Love it.)