Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, as I mentioned below, my husband totaled his hours and found he worked 89 hours the week before last in internal medicine. This is significant, again, because my kids and I have been out of town for six days now, and my husband admitted over the phone this evening that the quiet house is still nice to come home to after work.

Yikes. I was imagining him sad and lonely without us there.

I asked if we should extend our vacation. He said, "Sure-- but only for a month." That marks the end of his medicine rotations as an intern. He then has an anesthesia rotation and a surgery rotation (neither of which will be nearly as intense and exhausting as internal medicine). He will then be finished with his intern year and will move on to be trained as an anesthesiologist.

So, only for a month.

The problem is, it took us 13 hours to arrive at our destination (my parents' home) and I love to visit and be with my parents, so the month vacation idea is very tempting.


Katy said...

It took you THIRTEEN hours?! For some reason I thought you guys were something like 6 hours away! I grew up doing 10 hour road trips to San Diego on a fairly regular basis to visit my parents families, and I was picturing you being much closer to St. George than I am to SoCal. I guess not so much.

Gosh, 13 hours on your own in a car with all the kids - that is quite an ordeal. It would be very tempting to stay a while now that you have actually made that trip.

Steve and Katie said...

When are you heading back? We'll be down there next week! If you are still there we should get together!!

Liz said...

Google maps says 9.5 hours, but we stopped a LOT.

We are leaving early Mon a.m., but that would have been so fun to see you guys!

Brittany Pulsipher said...

Noooooooo, don't stay longer!!!!! It already seems like forever!!