Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I really love this hat.  My husband has a red one that I borrow all of the time. It costs $6.00 on the Speedy Bike Club site, but a lot more on other sites. The women's t-shirts from Twin Six are so cute too and have a great, slimming fit. It's out of stock right now on their website, so I am just being patient.

I love hats on days that I just want to ignore my hair.

While I was looking for this hat, I found this cool website: TheFind. You can find stores that carry stuff that you want, compare prices, find any coupons for it, and see reviews on it. It was quite handy.

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Timani said...

Thank you for TheFind. I've been using pricegrabber.com for years, but I think I like TheFind's functionality better.