Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was perusing Elle Decor and found this beautiful houseplant picture. (It's hard not to also mention how a-mazing the ocean is in the background.) I just love this plant.
Here is the description: "A fiddle-leaf fig in a bright-white triangular container makes a bold statement in the suavely mod living room..." Elle Decor

I love, love, love plants in my home. I am totally addicted to having them everywhere.

Is this because I think they provide extra, pure oxygen than we would otherwise have in our home?

Is it how they look? (I really, really can't stand fake plants.)

Is it because I prefer to be outside all of the time, and it gives me a sense of being out when I am really in?

I have no idea.

But, I do know that when I buy a plant, I have to love it, (not to mention love the pot also, as it makes a huge difference to the plant). This is because I am forgetful and have a lot on my plate, so I, at times, go through periods of 'houseplant neglect.' This is awful, I know. But somehow, all of the plants I have owned have survived, despite long periods of drought. I think this is because each plant knows that I love it and need it.

I had to give away my plants before we moved for intern year, and have only bought one since being here, knowing that we will be moving again soon. But, I will definitely be looking for a fiddle-leaf fig as soon as we are settled in our next city for residency.

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K. Elliott said...

I still have "herb" that I won at your dad's Roast we went to at that hotel in SLC. Can't remember what the society was called right now (a group of people that get together to learn how to be more comfortable with public speaking.

Anyway, it is the only plant that has survived all of our moves. He currently resides in Ty's office because I neglected him too much. (the plant well and Ty but this time I am talking about the plant)