Monday, March 22, 2010


Usually I plan ahead for post-call days when my husband comes home to sleep all afternoon after a 30-hour shift. Usually I don't plan a play date with my kids' friends. Usually I plan to take my kids out and do something so that the house is very quiet.

But sometimes I don't plan so well.

The other day, my two-year old, 8-month old and I picked up my daughter and three of her cute, dressed-in-pink, chattery girlfriends from preschool, and we went to the park to play. I packed lunch and thought we could stay for two or three hours.

We only lasted one and a half hours.

So, we went to our house. The girls played quietly.

Unfortunately, I also had asked a friend to pick up my 7-year old from school and invited her 7-year old and 5-year old boy to come play - at the park - with us. But, because we had left the park, they ended up coming to our house also. They showed up and she decided to stay and play, along with her 2-year old son. Another mom of one of the pre-school girlfriends also showed up with her 3-year old son.

So, we had three moms, two 7-year olds, five 5-year olds, one 3-year old, two 2-year olds, and one 8-month old.

Unfortunately, girls can play quietly together, but when boys (especially my son, whose mission in life appears to be teasing all girls) are thrown into the equation, craziness does not even begin to explain the situation.

It was not a quiet house.

We love play dates because we can avoid watching the t.v. and avoid unnecessary bickering and fighting. I really, truly cannot survive without play dates. But, I may have lost my privilege of hosting play dates. We need to figure something out - I may have to buy some ear plugs, or send him to a hotel?... or maybe just plan better.


cheri said...

oh my. i feel so sorry for your husband. it sounded like he really needed that sleep!

don't push the next playdate. maybe he'll relent and let it back in the schedule eventually...

Amanda said...

that is so crazy! I can hardly survive having five kids around... unless the ratio is one mom to two kids or something.