Thursday, March 18, 2010


Because I am staying up all hours of the night now that I have discovered blogging, I am slowly noticing the effects of long-term sleep deprivation.

I am CRAVING sugar, specifically chocolate, but will intake anything that my body recognizes as something that will provide quick energy.
I cannot read a book to my kids without ending it with, "Mommy's just going to take a little nap for a minute, okay?, and then we will read more books." It's not really a question. I am out cold - immediately - as soon as I lay down on the floor (to provide a false sense of security that mommy really is there.)

(By the way, this children's book (DogFish) is my latest favorite! We just barely checked it out from the library, but I am going to buy a copy. The mom in it is so wise. I think I will start highlighting children's books in the blog - it is hard to find really good ones.)

I absolutely cannot remember any new information, no matter the pathway in which it was received.

I fall asleep faster than my husband, which has never happened before, and really shouldn't happen.

And my favorite, my mommy-of-four-tummy is returning. I have been working out a lot and was feeling really good about my progress, but now, those are just sweet memories.

But, hopefully soon I will feel more comfortable in this new BLOG world and will not need to stay up late trying to finalize my ideas, designs, social contacting, etc. etc. etc., or am I being totally naive?

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cheri said...

like you,i have recently re-discovered my love for blogging. i'm a SAHM while the hubby works from home during daytime, so like you, i stay up late for my social media fix (it's almost 2am here in manila).

what i do is set a 3-hour timer for all of my online work (facebook, twitter, blogging). if, during the day, i have an idea on what to blog about, i jot it down on paper and develop it during the day.

i'm adding you to my blogroll, if that's ok. i have a 2yo, and book suggestions are always welcome :)