Monday, April 12, 2010


The Texas Tech School of Medicine has just announced that it will offer an accelerated, 3-year medical degree program for people seeking to practice family medicine. In addition, it will offer students a $13,000 scholarship during their first year of medical school.

I am so blown away, and so impressed!

It is neat that this medical school has been innovative in attempting to solve the problem of the shortage of family practice physicians in the U.S. It seems the school has overridden traditional views of the U.S. medical education system - which is really hard to do. Most likely, tactics like these will be successful in attracting more people to become family practice physicians, and aid in the provision of more family practice physicians in the U.S.: students will graduate and be practicing sooner, and they will have a lot fewer loans to pay off.

Besides, do most of you feel like 4th year was a bit laid back and could be crammed in somewhere else anyway?

But, seriously, it's ingenious!

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