Thursday, April 8, 2010


My daughter LOVES to jump. On anything. Especially my bed. I really want to buy her a trampoline. My other kids would also love to have a trampoline, but my daughter would just flip out, really.

My husband says no. Too dangerous.

I thought he was just being cautious. Then one by one, while talking with friends, family and neighbors, over the past year, I discovered that he is not alone. Most doctors that we know also refuse to own trampolines.

So, we still don't own a trampoline.

But, I think I discovered something my kids would love just as much, even as teenagers.

A sand volleyball court.

Wouldn't that be great?  I'll have to think about it more, pros, cons, etc. and then there is the possibility that this would not even work where we end up. But, it would be so much fun to have one in the backyard!

We found this court while visiting my parents. A group of teenagers (spring break-ers) were just leaving. There is a huge park with toys and play sets behind it, but my kids never even made it there. They played at the sand volleyball court for hours, shoes off, together, in the sand, without any toys or balls or any-thing. Just the sand.


Lillian Angelovic said...

Liz, instead of a trampoline, I highly recommend gymnastics classes. Wait until they are at least 6 (earlier is honestly a waste of money, BTDT), and then let your kids do at least a year each of gymnastics classes. They will get to jump on trampolines, learn to control their bodies, and learn to build strength. Best of ALL, the longer they do it the more self-discipline they learn. If they're really good at it, competitive gymnastics is an incredible experience. But however long they stay with it, it's an incredible starting point for everything (sports or non-sports) they choose to pursue in life. I miss it much more than Drew does because I know what it did for her. She'll understand someday.

Liz said...

Thanks, Lillian. I loved watching Drew, I didn't know she had stopped. I'm planning to start mine after we move. It's expensive though, but worth it, I guess, since she didn't love ballet and I really want her to find something that she loves. Thanks for the comment! - now I'm even more driven to make gymnastics work out for her, after we move.