Thursday, April 29, 2010


I really enjoyed reading this article, Babies can cause "momnesia" (from USA Today, 2008). I especially like the part that says:

"But women don't get dumber after childbirth. Instead, like sleep-deprived medical residents who learn on the job, their brains are getting a workout. "You are learning a lot," she says. "Once your mommy brain gets readjusted, you get more efficient, and you become smarter and learn things faster, but it won't happen all at once."

So, if that is true, it explains a lot.

And makes me feel a lot better.

Jared said I looked like a tired-out-mommy in this picture.


ElizOF said...

Dear Liz,
Thanks again for stopping by and noticing that I had you on my list of award deserving bloggers. I should have posted this first but the usual vagaries of life took over. I agree that child birth doesn't leave us brain dead just brain exhausted.
Here goes: You’ve won a pay-it-forward blog award! You can claim it at: Sunshine Blog Award - ;-) Woohoo for you!

cheri said...

so there's an actual name for what we experience? finally!

oh, i left you an award on my blog. check it out :)

Jeff and ReAnn said...

I think if you don't look worn out in a picture then you probably aren't doing your job, right? ha ha. Love reading your blog liz. I am right there with ya.