Friday, May 14, 2010


The Chronicles of NarniaMy kids and I recently started reading Narnia. We finished The Magician's Nephew last week and we are currently in the middle of The Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeI've wondered at times if the stories are too tense for my kids, but they have loved them. I have also enjoyed re-reading it (the last time was in elementary school) - the language is so beautiful. Sometimes I find myself reading it intently and look up to see my children out cold. The next night I discover they missed quite a bit of the story because they had been asleep for so long while I was reading.


Barb's blessings said...

These were my father's favorite books. He owned all of them and read them all more than once. He also had all the videos. My dad was the most responsible and self directed man I ever knew. He always did the right thing but he had the heart of a child. That's what made him such a great Boy Scout leader. He was a Webelos leader when he died at 81.

They really are wonderful books. I love that you read to your children so much. With everything you have on your plate it would be easy to justify a dozen other tasks that I'm sure need to be done. You are a wonderful mother! Your children are very lucky.

Katy said...

I love these books. The Horse and His Boy is my favorite, due to the powerful symbolism of the struggles and situations in the book. For the past several years we have been reading the Box Car Children books, but there are well over a hundred of them and we still have a long way to go! The Chronicles of Narnia are high on my list of what to read them next! I am glad to hear your kids are enjoying them! They are such great literature.