Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Results of Effective Parenting

Over the weekend, my husband and I were discussing various means to increase our monthly income after we move for residency. My husband suggested that I teach piano lessons from our home, (I'll post more about that later), but our 5-year old overheard us talking and said, "That is not the way to get money." So we asked her how she thought we should get money, (sometimes her ideas really are amazing). She said, "Just ask Grandpa. That's what we do, we just ask you guys, and you give us money."

This is so not true! We have weekly chores that they do not get paid for, and if they complete these chores, then we offer them a "job" that we pay them to do. They so know that they have to work to make money.

And then, another conversation happened, I think just to make me feel better, and really bring home the fact that our teaching our kids about money and work is proving extremely effective:

Me (to my older kids, the night before we left early for San Diego): Okay, so when you wake up, be sure to remember to bring your pillows downstairs with you so that you will have a pillow to rest on during the car ride.
5-year old: Why should we work? You and Dad are the ones that are supposed to work.
Me: You are considering "carrying your pillow down to the car" as work?
5-year old: Yes. You should do it for us.

Hello. Does anyone else feel like everything you have been teaching and are currently teaching your children is totally not sinking in? (Actually, my dad does like to count the coins he has collected in his glass SoBe bottles with the grandchildren when we visit, and they often get to keep some of the money... but, still.)

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cheri said...

that is what my dad calls "talking to a wall" act. ugh, he's starting to reason out, for the wrong reasons...