Friday, May 28, 2010

Swimwear Ideas

So my adorable, teenage sister-in-law is looking for a super cute, modest swimsuit for this summer. Does anyone out there have any recommendations??

I found a fun one from modbe two years ago - and I still love it. They have really cute ones for sale right now (see pic!).

She also found some cute ones on delia's website.

It is seriously becoming more and more difficult to find cute, fashionable, and modest swimsuits! I so love this pink one though.


iamwoman said...

shade is always a great route. and shabby apple has them no too! they are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I got my suit this year from

They have lots of very cute designs.

It is expensive but hopefully will last long. The one I got is like a short sleeve top with boy brief bottoms. I especially like it as a mom, being modest, taking kids swimming, and not having to use so much sun screen (or worry that my kids missed getting the sunscreen all over my back.)