Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time for a Bed

So, my husband and I decided (somehow simultaneously), that it is time for us to "grow up" and buy a bed. We have had our mattresses either on a bed frame, or simply on the ground, since being married almost 9 years ago.

Easier said than done.

We have never really bought furniture, well, actually, we did buy our Costco mattresses, but furniture has either always been given to us, or we have bought it second-hand. I do enjoy looking on-line to find a style that I like though, and then find something similar-but-used somewhere (usually craigslist). Pottery Barn has super cute beds on-line right now - but I wonder if the pillows and blankets add way too much. Like, this seagrass woven headboard (one of the less expensive ones) - this would so not look cute in my home, but looks amazing here.


cheri said...

they always look good on pictures :(

iamwoman said...

I say solid clean lines are best. Your tastes are going to change, but if you get a solid and sturdy bed frame or headboard(no matter what color), your bed linens will always work. I use to have an iron one, but I have fallen in love with just your ordinary simple frame. You can more bold (or soft) with your linens that way.

Also, I am a big fan of investing in a super great down comforter (uhmm.. I have a sad pretty recent post about my new one that you might have read) and then getting a duvet cover for over it. Duvet covers can be changed out unlike a basic patterned comforter (even with the season.) Go for solid bed sheets and then again, your look can change as your tastes evolve (but your frame can without hesitation remain the same). Right now I have an Ikea duvet cover, and it totally works and looks very pottery barn-ish.
When you do this, ANY bed frame that you are drawn to works.

okay.. looks like maybe I got off track... sorry about that. haha!

Liz said...