Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When the vacation is just Too Long

We are now two days into our "vacation" / pre-move / family time, and I think my husband might have lost it.

He watched the kids this morning for me while I went running. Our 10-month old is still battling diarrhea, and our 2-year old is still a bit clingy (behind on sleep - most likely due to major life changes, etc). So, they are a bit more "needy" than usual, not to mention the fact that he is not used to being around them 24-7. We snuck away while my mother-in-law watched all four kids in order to do some errands, (Costco, DMV, bank, etc). As we drove away from the house, he said, or rather, he whined: "I just want to go back to work. I'm jealous of my dad and my brothers!" (who are, obviously, working today). I laughed so hard, and each time I repeated the story throughout the day, I laughed even harder. He is an amazing husband and dad, but when he has had an overdose of whiney young children, he cannot hide it, even if he tries really, really hard.
Seriously, I wish I could make it easier on him. As a stay-at-home mom, I think I've gotten used to a lot of the whining and craziness. For survival, one learns to block most of it out, I think, and focus on the more important aspects of life. But, honestly, even with his added drama, it is so nice having him around!!


cheri said...

so he can cop with the drones of the hospital and being on-call than be with the kids 24/7? yeah, i can relate. i have heard that exact same line from my hubby :)

Britt-Marie said...

So true about learning to cope with it. hehe