Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day without Dad

My husband leaves tomorrow to bring the moving truck to our new home. We haven't seen him in three weeks, but today, possibly, has been the most difficult day to be without him. He had the mail forwarded last week, and called last night to tell me that our Father's Day gift had not arrived in time.


So, here is a little message for him, the man of my dreams, and the hero of our children.
Even with four children he is such a hunk(!) who is not only TONS of fun and provides non-stop adventures and excitement in our lives...
 ... but is also constantly providing scientific and intellectually-stimulating experiences and discussions for us...
... and, whenever available, is always ready to cuddle, wrestle, play, talk, and just be with the kids.

No doubt, the best dad for my children that I ever could have found.

Our kids are crazy about him.

And he is crazy about them.

What else could I ever ask for?

Happy Father's Day, Dura-Ace, and we will definitely have an incredible breakfast-in-bed for you next Sunday morning.

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Jennifer Haas said...

So sweet! What a great family! You guys look like you have a lot of fun!