Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting over the Bumps

My husband made another interesting comment the other night. I won't repeat it, since I had quite a reaction to the last comment he made (on-line and off-line). (He is really good at making wacko comments.)

I fell asleep sad and was noticeably hurt the following day.

We had a get-together with his family that day. I found myself surrounded by lots of family, telling stories with my husband (and about my husband) and laughing.

We found each other in the kitchen afterwards and I told him I was starting to like him again - since I had been able to laugh at him, and also with him.

It was true.

Laughing is so good, so uplifting, so strengthening, and so essential, I think.

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Britt-Marie said...

Ture. Interesting cause I just read this article from an old BYU magazine about laughing.