Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making a Difference

This is a lovely article Making a Difference, One Baby at a Time about a girl who found a way to help orphans with disabilities (heart defects, cleft palates, and spina bifida) in China. It is amazing and inspiring.

Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing in my life right now, if I didn't have kids running and crawling around me. The thought doesn't last long because immediately I feel powerfully how lucky I am to have them.

A neighbor told me that her husband used to come home to her drowning in children and housework and he would laugh and say, "Someday, you will miss these days."

Sometimes I wonder if I will miss these days because of the crazy ones full of screaming, disciplining, messes, and fighting. I think I will anyway. I think it is a package deal. My kids make me laugh - hard. They bring me so much joy, along with the excitement and stress. I think I will try to remember her husband's comment, more often than not, so the crazy days don't overrun the laughter and enjoyment of it all.

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