Thursday, July 29, 2010

A pet... finally!

My 5-year old daughter found a chubby, yellow caterpillar among the forest portion of our backyard. She cared for it meticulously for days. All of the kids are concerned over it, and in awe by it; but she truly loves it, and continually works to keep it comfortable, well fed and happy.

I think it is a wonderful thing for children to have a pet to take care of. However, I have been advised by more than one mom to never get a pet unless I am planning to take care of it all by myself.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like for me right now to also take care of a puppy, or other pet. I can hardly keep the beautiful flower by my kitchen sink alive (it requires two ice cubes per day). Also, if I felt like my husband would help and didn't have an I'm-too-exhausted-to-even-think-physician-resident-schedule, maybe it would seem less daunting to me.

Luckily, our landlord does not allow pets, so I have an excuse for my daughter when she (often) begs for a puppy. Someday though, after seeing her diligent care of her little caterpillar (Jessi), maybe when we are not renting I'll consider her request.

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