Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raspberry and Raspberry/Blackberry Jam!

This time her brothers insisted on helping the entire time.
Washing (and tasting!), smashing, and stirring.
And the jam is absolutely amazing!!!


iamwoman said...

I made a ton of raspberry jam and blueberry this past weekend--and mixed it up too, but for some reason I was not super happy because it is just SO SEEDY. I ended up getting rid of 1/2 the seeds on most batches, and even then I prefer my strawberry. HOWEVER, I did make some chocolate-raspberry sauce. Cooked/canned like jelly, so it ends up like a hot fudge sauce and you heat it up for over ice cream. Pretty neato.

oh-- I'm doing a give-away so come on over;)

iamwoman said...

PS> Kids actually HELP? what is that like?

amanda nay said...

Looks like so much fun! And so yummy! (I love the pictures of them eating while they are working)