Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I never thought...

I never thought I would find myself limiting the amount of time my oldest son spends each day exercising.

I never thought I would ever limit the amount of time he spends building legos (the coolest toy ever - I think - they are so good for the brain!).
I never thought I would refuse his help while I am working in the yard (picking out little rocks from our lovely untamed backyard lawn).

I never thought I would ever threaten him to stop reading a book so that I have his full attention.

I never thought I would ever talk crossly to him, or lose my patience with him for that matter.

I never thought I would ever miss reading to him, talking about his day and tucking him in each night.
I never thought that I would do so many things when I held my firstborn son in my arms the very first time.

Everything changed with the birth of  #2...

But, I DO know how much he loves and is loved by his siblings.
Life really couldn't be better for him - from my point of view - even, and especially, as an only child.
My husband found this raft on craigslist for $8. Last weekend, these two spent an afternoon navigating around Lake Washington.
The pictures bring back powerful memories for me - of my older brother and I, paddling around in our own little raft.
My older son spent an enormous amount of time OUTside of the raft, ensuring his sister's safety and enjoyment, as did my older brother.
I don't know what I would have done without my older brother - and I still feel that way. I can't even look at these pictures and type about them without tearing up.

I am so grateful for my family and the loving relationships we can develop in them.

Hopefully my son will remember the childhood experiences that are allowing strong relationships to be built with his family members, rather than my limiting his lego-building time so that he can play with his siblings or read a book to them.

I know I did.


Molly and Paul said...

Liz! It's amazing the things you thought you'd never do...and then it happens! Paul's mom had to ground him from books so she could get his full attention. Now I have to do it so we can get things done! Cute blog!

Barb's blessings said...

I still consider my brother (and only sibling) one of my best friends in the world. He is one of the first ones I turn to for advice or a listening ear and he always gives me good advice. I talk to him once or twice a week, usually on his commute home from work or mine. No other relationship compares to the shared history you have with a sibling. I'm glad you are encouraging that in your children. They will appreciate it for an eternity.

Luv ya, AB