Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving Stinks

Officially, I've decided, moving stinks.

Mostly this is because I am not so good at keeping in touch with people, once I move far away.

I miss the friends I made in the desert. Don't get me wrong - the people here are great also - but it just takes so long to make the friends that you can't wait to see again so that you can talk, the ones that you can tell anything to and not worry about being judged, the ones you never get tired of being with, the ones that make you laugh even if life is not so funny, the ones that make you want to be better, the ones that give you valuable advice every time you see them, the ones that make you laugh - hard - even before you exchange words, the ones that make you feel like you really are wonderful.

I miss you guys.

Being married to a doctor through the entire process necessitates multiple moves. It's just reality. Now I can't even imagine life without moving every few years. I guess I really need to get better at keeping in touch with friends.

I can change, right?

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Emily Kathleen said...

Definitely agree...moving is awful!

Hubs is starting to think about residencies and although I'm so excited for him, the idea of moving again in two years (just once I've gotten settled here) is overwhelming! I have such a difficult time keeping up with friends (especially those who don't keep up with email)!