Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surviving the Bathroom Sink

Yesterday, my 1-year-old was playing with the bathroom sink while I was doing my hair. He was turning it on and off, and suddenly, but gracefully, did a face-plant into the sink. I was watching him, but waited to see what he would do. He didn't even grunt. His body was completely flexed. One arm was stuck, folded underneath him and the other was on the faucet. One leg was on the counter and the other was up in the air. The water was running onto his shoulder and seeping quickly through his pajamas. He remained silent, though still stuck in his original position. I wondered when he would realize that it was impossible, and that he needed help. After a long 30 seconds, I couldn't wait any longer. I scooped him up and laughed - hard. I was surprised by his resilience and tenacity.

His little maneuver made me think about how often I try to be tough during trials, and never even consider asking for help, especially those that I get myself into. From another viewpoint, I'm sure it is comical, and possibly even painful, to watch me struggle and strain to no avail.

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