Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

About two weeks ago, I hurt my right knee. The pain was agonizing and extremely limiting. I stopped running and working out. I tried not to use it - as much as possible. After a few days, I complained to my husband and asked him if he thought I should see a doctor, (after describing to him at length my theories about what was happening physiologically inside my knee).

Husband: "Are you taking anything for it?"
Me: "No." (I don't like to take medicine, I think it just masks the pain and I like to feel what is going on.)
Husband: "Okay, if you go to the doctor, this is what will happen: He will ask you if you are taking an anti-inflammatory for it. You will say, no, and he will laugh at you. He will tell you to try taking an anti-inflammatory for 1-2 weeks and then return if the pain is still bothering you."
Husband: "After 1-2 weeks, if your knee still hurts, he will order additional tests to find out what is going on."
Me: "So, I should try taking some Ibuprofen before going to the doctor?"
Husband: "Whatever you want."

You can clearly tell from this conversation how prideful I am, and how good my husband is at "working with me."

So, for a few days, I took an anti-inflammatory, and the pain resolved after about a week. I started running again on Saturday.

So, just one more perk for being married to a doctor.

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Linz said...

Oh I am just laughing because I am pretty sure conversations go on like this in our house!