Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Left Out in the Rain

It is my son's birthday this weekend. I swore after my 5-year old daughter's birthday disaster last year that I would never again attempt to entertain children in my home for a birthday party, (unless they are under four-years old).

And yet, here I am.

Last week I felt that I was encroaching on the title of Genius when my 7-year old agreed to have a Wii party with three (THREE) of his friends. I pictured myself lounging in a separate room while the four of them played the Wii together and ate little snacks. It was almost TOO good - I thought, behind my quiet, sinister chuckle.

The problem is, I got myself into this mess. I am mrs. inclusive. I don't like anyone to feel left out, and also, I like people. I remember having birthday parties with my entire grade school classes when I was in elementary school. My son started to tell his buddies on his soccer team about the party. One, that he wasn't planning on inviting, found out about it. He approached my son, and said, "Are you going to invite me to your birthday party?" I guess my son takes after me. "Ya, sure," he told him. I don't like to leave anyone out - and people always find out. So, I told him that he should invite the entire team.

Oh, what could have been!

Another problem is that my son takes after his father, mr. social himself. He took a few birthday invitations to school yesterday and ended up inviting more people than we had agreed on. We had discussed the party at length, and I had explained that his dad would be working and that I would also have three other children to care for. My mouth fell open when he told me how many he had invited. He said, "Oh, I also invited Joe. And Joe, he's just a nice person, Mom."

As of right now, we have 12 little seven-year olds that will be packed into our small home, along with our other three.

If it rains during the party, I will cry.

I might feign death just so that my husband will take the day off and host the party. There should be some provision for medical residents that they can have one full day off from work "if, and only if, their spouse "appears" to be dead and there are four young children at home."

Yea, that might just work.

Otherwise, some of the boys might get left out on the trampoline - in the rain.

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iamwoman said...

Is this same woman who told me her son's birthday party was going to be the easiest ever?

I could laugh...but really..I just want to give a big mother sigh of understanding. And maybe bring you some chocolate;)

Good luck! Lots of junk food. Lots of junk food. Lots of junk food.