Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Correction

During a few conversations my husband has brought up my post (last week) about him being only able to contribute 3% to our marriage relationship during the first two months of each new year of internship and residency. As we have laughed and discussed it with friends and family, he has repeatedly assured everyone that he actually is able to give at least 8% during those months.

I do recognize that I exaggerate, (a lot - it's hereditary), but I will concur with his honest feedback of my evaluation.

So, for the record, my husband, the medical resident, contributes at least 8%, rather than 3%, while adjusting to new responsibilities and expectations during his training to become an anesthesiologist.

Also, for the record, since completing the first two months of residency in July, my husband has bumped up to currently giving at least 50%, and sometimes much, much more, (like the day I lost it in front of him and his biking buddy). He has been fixing random things in our home, (broken closet doors, dishwasher, coat rack, water heater, etc.), organized and cleaned out our garage, (this was huge), and helped in hundreds of little ways every day, like reading books with the kids, cleaning up after dinner, switching the laundry, picking up the kids at the bus stop before call nights, etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line: he is a model husband and dad, even though medical training requires a huge amount of devotion at various times. And, I don't mind the 92% required of me - at all - because, I should add, I would definitely never want to trade him places.


Anonymous said...

There's something really sweet about your husband caring enough to pinpoint exactly how much he contributes!

Anonymous said...

Trying to take comfort in knowing there will be 8% of my hubby when residency gets here. Oh boy! lol Good point tho, I wouldn't want to trade either!