Friday, September 3, 2010

Preparing for an Emergency

The American Public Health Association (APHA) is currently encouraging people to prepare for an emergency as September is officially National Preparedness Month.

My husband and I have been discussing this often since moving for his residency, attempting to find ways to set aside money and supplies, now that we know we are not moving for at least three more years.
We haven't done much, other than buy more food than is necessary so that we always have extra food on hand.

A friend referred me to this lovely little blog, titled, "Safely Gathered In." I have already found it quite enlightening, simple, and helpful. The blog is based on the idea that readers gather a little bit at a time to create a 72-hour kit, a three-month supply, in addition to a long-term storage supply. I think it presents a great way to slowly, and without spending too much, chip away at the list of necessary emergency preparedness items, and eventually have enough for a family to survive in an emergency for three days, three months, and also even longer.

While driving in the car and listening to NPR describe the huge mudslides in Asia recently, my already-present feelings to prepare my family for an emergency hit an all-time high. I like the ideas from this blog and hope that I can stick with it until we are well prepared.

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