Monday, October 11, 2010

A Global Medical Charity

I just found this amazing charity called Global Links.

On their website it says: "People in other countries are literally dying for what we throw away."

It was founded in 1989. Its mission is to provide hospitals and clinics in "the poorest segments of the population" throughout developing countries with "unused medical supplies, surplus equipment, and furnishings from the U.S. healthcare system." Already used supplies and equipment are also "recovered" by any necessary cleaning, repairing, and/or refinishing. This charity also has a Suture Donation Program that allows hospitals to have access to suture, "a critical medical supply." In addition, the charity has Country Programs which foster "ongoing relationships with healthcare facilities in specific countries," which greatly enhances the charity's sustainability.

Charity navigator gives it four stars. The charity spends a hugely small amount of its budget on administrative expenses (salaries) and fundraising activities (I had never heard of the charity before today).

 It's definitely a keeper.

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