Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is It Me - or Is It the Shoes?

I haven't been excited about running lately - which is very unusual for me.

I think it's the shoes.

My birthday is coming up. My birthday gift every year is visiting a specialty running store and buying a new pair of running shoes for myself. My husband has it oh so easy. It is his gift to me, he reminds me.

In college, I purchase new running shoes every three months. I ran at least 30 miles a week, minimum, so I didn't want to wear my joints out by wearing shoes with a worn sole.

I admit now that I was obsessed with running shoes. That and books, thick, non-fictional religious books. My only two splurges in college. Well, and Jamba (Zuka) Juice.

Anyways, back to my shoes. I found this article today and was immediately immersed in it. I was planning to go to the store today to buy new shoes - even though my birthday is still a ways out - just because my knees have been a little stiff and my legs have ached after running for the last few weeks. It's  time. I am only running about 15 miles per week right now, but I know it's the shoes.

I always blame the shoes.

The article basically says that just because a pair of running shoes is more expensive doesn't mean that they are better. The most important thing is how the running shoes fit. (This was after extensive research on runners.) Kind of seems obvious, huh? The problem is I have never found a cheap running shoe that fit and felt good.

Maybe today I will...

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Britt-Marie said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that article. That's good to know. I haven't really been a 'runner' since my high school cross country days, but I want to start again (Sabrina is such an inspiration with her triathlons!).