Friday, October 8, 2010

Talk Until She Insists that She Has To Go

I feel sorry for the few people that I talked with on the phone today. I am absolutely sure they wondered if I would ever stop talking. 

A friend called me - just to talk - she said. I doubt she realized I would interpret that as an invitation to talk for over an hour. I'm sure she wasn't aware of how many words I have to get out daily, and how challenging that is for a stay-at-home mom. On the days that I don't get all of my words out, my husband ends up listening to them - whether he is awake, totally distracted or peacefully sleeping. Since moving for residency, it has been difficult for me to get enough of my words out every day.

I really like to talk. 

Today, one of my little boys is fighting a cold, so I was aware this morning before her call, if not subconsciously, that the prospect of being with another adult was slim. I didn't admit to myself that I would have little opportunity to get my words out - if I didn't get them out with her, but somehow I must have sensed it. 

Finally, my friend said, "Well, I really need to go,... and pay some attention to my dog."

I got the hint. My time was up.
My sister just forwarded an e-mail about a lecturer from a night class at Stanford. He explained that one of the most important things a woman can do for her health is to nurture her relationships with her girlfriends. "Girlfriend time helps women create more serotonin - a neurotransmitter that helps combat depression and can create a general feeling of well being." Apparently, according to this (possibly bogus) source, "spending time with a friend is just as important to our general health as jogging or working out at a gym. "

Wow, it just sounds too good to be true.

No wonder so many women used to live to be so old - even before all of the advances in medical technology and research. They lived with their mothers or mother-in-laws or sisters. That would be heaven for me - to live with my sisters or my mom. I could talk all day and they would never be able to escape. 

I'm sure my friend would appreciate it also, along with another friend, and my sister, who I also kept on the phone for a long time today. And I know my husband would appreciate the extra sleep without my incessant chattering in the background.


Personal said...

So funny! All the girls at my house wish we lived right next to you! We like to talk too. :)

Britt-Marie said...

That's totally how I am. Sometimes if I haven't "gotten all my words out" when my husband comes home and I start going off he actually will tell me, "just give me five minutes of no talking- please!" haha poor guy

Liz B.B. said...

Um. Ya. it's a good thing i have free mobile-to-mobile with most of my girlfriends/sisters!!!!
i so relate!