Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Love of Money

Last night during dinner I asked my kids if they would rather be healthy or rich.

My 8-year old son immediately said, "Healthy!"

My 6-year old daughter immediately said, "Rich!"

I laughed.

But then, the older brother quickly explained to her the important facts about not having health and how difficult it would be to enjoy wealth without health.

Then she said, "In the middle!"

I explained to her that we were choosing one or the other, the middle wasn't a choice.

She then starting umming. "Ummmmmmmm, I like money, mmmmmmmmm."

With lots more ummmmmm-ing and low mumblings about how much she loves money, after a few minutes she eventually said, "Some one else choose for me."

1 comment:

Britt-Marie said...

ha! Kids are so funny. What an interesting question. I love that your son had really thought it through and even wanted to help his sister see his logic.