Sunday, December 5, 2010

For my daughter for Christmas

My daughter has had a difficult time thinking of specific gifts she really wants for Christmas.

A few days ago she told me while eating her after-school snack, "I know what I want for Christmas - more than anything else."

"What's that?" I asked.

"A sister."

Soooo, we had a little talk about that.

Then, today, my son reminded her that he had bought her Christmas gift already.

He said, "It's something that you really, really want."

"A sister?" She immediately guessed first, her face lit up with an eager smile.

Oh boy.

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Amanda said...

I have an idea - get her a girl dog! Maybe you have thought of that... she could dress her up in little girly sweaters and everything. I would suggest a mid-size dog so it could hold its own. Anyway, maybe that's not on the list this year. It sure isn't for us! Brooke sure does take her time deciding things. When we were in Flamingo Jim's in OR on our Tillamook trip, she took forever deciding what little thing she wanted!! It was so cute how careful she was to make the best decision possible.