Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moved - without Paying a Price

Whenever I get e-mail updates from Piperlime, I honestly have a physiological response. 
(Okay, ignore the lady on the right, just gloss over that outfit - it's the outfit on the left.)

I can honestly say, I love it.

However, are there any alternatives to not spending $800 on an outfit via their website, but getting a similar look? Not that I have any money for clothes or accessories. But, even if I had a ton of money for clothes, it seems morally wrong to pay the prices they ask.

Seriously though, it makes me want to become a designer. The pieces alone are not so great; but, together - they move me. And I don't feel like I need them - I just love to look at what they put together each time I get an e-mail.


That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Have you ever been to Cardigan Empire? I've always wanted to invest in one of her Look Books.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

That's a killer outfit. I wish I had some modicum of fashion sense so I could put together something like that... Alas.