Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally, some Peace and a bit of Hope

My husband and I went to the temple on Saturday morning, early.  It had been just over a month since we'd been; but I was needing to be there, more than anywhere else in the world.

I have been struggling lately with being a mom.  I love my kids like crazy.  I want them to be happy.  But, I was getting caught up in the daily duties of being a mom, along with completing requirements from school, Scouts, sports, play groups, piano lessons, church, etc.  I was feeling overwhelmed.  I felt like I was suffocating.  I told my husband last week that, no matter what, I was neglecting at least two, and most often three of the kids all of the time.  I was bombarded with feelings of guilt, frustration, sadness, and dismay.

Basically, I felt like the mother I want to be is not the mother that I am.

Before going to the temple, I needed to feel Heavenly Father's love.  I needed to be reassured that He would strengthen me and help me to be a better mom.  I needed help exercising faith in Him, in His desire and ability to help me raise my children.

I felt all of that and more while in the temple on Saturday.  It was wonderful.  I came out with added peace, hope, and strength.  I am so grateful to live near a temple.  Last year we lived far from a temple, and we had a newborn baby, so we seldom went.

Some friends just sent us a picture of this temple in San Diego.  My husband and I went to this temple while we were on our honeymoon in San Diego.  I could not believe how beautiful it was inside.  (Obviously, it's not the one we live nearby.  Here's the link to the site where I found the picture.)

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