Friday, March 25, 2011

The Monster Bush

The weather has been gorgeous.  The sun has been out - and it actually felt warm!  I'm not sure if I have blogged about our current yard.  (I shut down immediately upon seeing it for the first time.  Normally, I love to garden and cultivate new seeds, but I became numb to any thought of it after that initial introduction.)  Here is a picture of our front yard (it is a gazillion times more beautiful and less dangerous (seriously) than our back yard).
But, yesterday I had to be outside, and I had to work.  And so, of course, I headed directly for "The Monster Bush" with a pair of loppers.  Yes, the one in the background along the top of the picture, up against the street.

I like projects, it's a bit sickening how much I like them actually.  I spent hours on this bush.  And after seeing how little I had accomplished in making it look better, and how much worse it looked after I removed such a huge part of the green branches on it, I started feeling a bit less excited about The Bush, and began playing out possible conversations that I would have later with my husband about The Bush.  He will not like that I touched The Bush.

My husband rarely supports the huge projects that I take on.  Granted, they are often not very worthwhile projects (like, The Monster Bush), and some times I cannot complete my projects without his help (again, like The Monster Bush)... But, despite his common disapproval, and his experienced-gained knowledge of the likeliness of my needing his help, my husband always allows me to continue to work.  And, eventually, after I have finished, he almost always says, "Good work, Liz."

I had to remind myself of that many times yesterday while I was lopping away, making the monstrous evergreen look quite disgruntled and hurt.  I'm must admit that I am glad that I couldn't find my husband's saw.  I may have damaged The Monster Bush even more, and been in even deeper trouble with my husband.

This is just another silly aspect of our relationship, how we get things done.  But we actually do get a lot done this way - and usually it is together (even if one of us is a bit unwilling, and not nearly as excited about it as the other one is).


Jamie Lamb said...

I am the same way with big's like a sickness. I especially do this while I'm pregnant. A few months ago, I decided to paint large areas of my home blue...and I did. I still can't explain it.

I am so ashamed. I have no control.

Luckily, my husband is color blind--no joke, he really is. So I've only punished myself...and everyone else's who's come to my home (unless they happen to be color blind, of course.)

During my last pregnancy 3 yrs ago, I painted the bathroom a bright, putrid green. I offer no explanations for that, either. :)

Lindsey said...

What amazes me most about this post is that you have a green lawn, and green bushes! I'm going to try living in a green place someday.