Friday, April 22, 2011

In response to CBS

I feel I need to give a response to CBS's recent interview with Jon Krakauer regarding Greg Mortensen and the Central Asia Institute.

I was extremely saddened while I watched it, having read both of his books and completely believed every single word written in them, (you all know how I am).

I agree that there needs to be added transparency to his organization, or rather, Total Transparency.  To organize and provide this is in itself a huge challenge.  While reading Two Cups of Tea, I remember thinking over and over again that Mortensen did not seem very organized - particularly financially.

I have read two of Krakauer's books, (I just barely finished Into the Wild).  I enjoyed his thorough research and ability to bring to light extremely interesting, factual stories.  However, Krakauer seemed vindictive during the recent interview with CBS.

Note: I may be sensitive here - merely because of the weight of the issue at hand: the education of girls in poverty-stricken and war-ridden villages where the education of girls is not often even a priority.

Krakauer's bold declarations and general message viciously attacks a potentially-amazing effort that can do and has done so much good.  Mortensen likely made mistakes initially in neglecting to surround himself with people that he could trust, ones with skills to organize and ensure transparency and financial excellency.  However, Krakauer, having discovered glitches in Mortensen's stories and possible missteps in his organization's financials, could have presented these findings to the public in a much more tactful and impressive way - one that would not have been so damaging and cutting.  But, I blame CBS for this also.

Essentially, I feel like Krakauer's actions have in large part destroyed something that he could have improved, had he reacted differently following his discoveries.

The best comment regarding CBS's presentation of this information that I've read is:  "It would be tragic if even one girl had no chance for an education because of CBS's story."

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