Friday, April 15, 2011


It absolutely amazes me that there can be an outbreak of measles in Utah - in 2011 - decades after the development of an effective measles vaccine.

It is frustrating - especially after studying vaccinations at length as a public health graduate - to learn about all that is currently happening with people shying away from vaccinations.  That physician that published journal articles about likely links between autism and vaccinations was recently charged and (I think) sent to prison.  He "tweaked" his results to provide "desired" results.  But, the damage he did is too far out there, the word has spread rapidly for years among circles of moms, already terrified by unknown causes of diseases and disabilities, desperately looking for explanations and something to blame for the unknown.  It's just so sad.  And frustrating.

But, really, we know so little...  But, we do know that if we go to Utah right now, we should be vaccinated for measles.


Britt-Marie said...

Yes! I just heard about this. My friend told me she canceled a visit to her parents in SLC because it brooke out in their neighborhood. It's pretty scary. Especially when you have an infant.

Barb's blessings said...

I got the measles in 1992 and nearly died from it. It's the sickest I have ever been. There was an outbreak back then and they discovered that the vaccination efficacy had worn off. Everyone I had been around had to be re-vaccinated and given a shot of gamma globulin. I was not vaccinated as a child -- long story.

I wrote a long comment on your post about tackling the bush out front several days ago and it got lost in cyberspace when I posted it. That is so frustrating. I am the big project tackler here too and I so get what you were talking about. I am infamous now for having to call someone to help me complete things when I bite off more than I can chew since Kent can't help.

Love your blog Liz. I am always happy when I log on and see you have a new post.

Come visit us! Don't your kids need a trip to Disneyland?

Love ya,


Jen said...

My crazy crazy old boss has a son that goes to Skyline (isn't that where the first case was found) and she is VERY against vaccinations. I can't help but wonder if it wasn't her son who helped spread it around.
So scary, thank goodness or vaccinations!