Thursday, May 26, 2011

the Tornado in Joplin

These photographs of the remains left after the tornado went through Joplin, Missouri are unbelievable.  This is an aerial before-and-after shot of an area in Joplin, revealing major damages to a major trauma center, a nursing home, a high school, among numerous other structures and homes.

Here is a link for an article on Charity Navigator listing agencies that are sending relief to Joplin, as well as tips to find the right organization to donate to.  This Food Bank gets good ratings and could most likely provide essential relief to the people affected by the tornado - and quickly.  Of course, in the long run, Habitat for Humanity may offer the greatest service for numerous individuals and families in Joplin.


MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Oh my - those photos are so striking and sobering. I hadn't seen anything like that on the news.

Thank you for sharing.
MJ @ MD School Mrs.

Wife of a Resident said...

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. We too are LDS residents, almost done thank heavens, but alone out here nonetheless. I appreciate your optimism and need all that I can get. Thanks for blogging - you're helping to lift my spirits!