Sunday, August 21, 2011

a letter

Dear Everyone,

I have news.

I am ending this blog.

It has been divisive in ways undesirable and unnecessary.

I will miss writing.

And I will miss all of you.

Thank you for all of your thoughts, your encouragement, your contributions.

I was strengthened and uplifted during the last two years because of you, each of you.

I may attempt an anonymous blog... some day.  I really have enjoyed the experience of it.

But for now, this one ends here.

Thank you for everything.



Jamie Lamb said...

So true, blogging has its pros and cons. Good for you for keeping it real!!! (we'll miss ya!)

All the best! Jamie

Carrie said...

wa-what? I am bummed;( hope all is okay!

amanda nay said...

Why?? I have enjoyed reading about what takes a little while to get out of you on the phone or in person...! Also your thought and links are so interesting. This makes me kind of sad. Will you let me know what your anonymous blog is and I'll keep it a secret? :)

Anonymous said...

Was it something I said? I think your blog has had some brilliant insights and I've loved reading it. Maybe you can resume when life isn't so hectic.

MedStud's Wife said...

Dang!! I just found your blog! I'll miss reading your insights.

Barb's blessings said...

<:-(. But I understand. You can always send me an email. I will miss your blog. It was my favorite.

Love, AB

Wife of a Resident said...

I am sad, too. You are a gifted woman, and I am better for having read your blog. Best of Luck!

Lindsey said...

Understandable. I get tempted to do the same... But I'll miss your blog.