Monday, August 8, 2011

moving away

I recently received an e-mail from the mother of one of my daughters' closest friends.  She told me that they are moving before the school year begins.  My heart sank.  I wasn't sure how to tell my daughter.  She adores this sweet friend; she has largely been surrounded by boys her entire life and was beyond delighted to meet this little friend in school this year.  My daughter walked in the room a few minutes later and I told her the news.  She lowered her head and drew close to me.  I was so sad for her.  We cried together, sorrowing for the loss of one of her favorite friends.

The topic came up again and again during the following days, her concerns about other friends moving, when we would be moving again, how far away her friend was moving and why.  It suddenly struck me one day that we had never had friends move away from us - we have always been the ones moving away.  We have moved often during the years of my husbands' undergrad studies, medical school studies, internship, and residency training.  

And, we will be moving again.

I decided in that moment that it must be easier to move, to leave others behind, than to be the ones left behind.  But, subsequently, I have changed my mind.  I believe it is always hard to be separated from others, those whom we have grown close to, the people that have made our lives a little easier and a lot better, those that have brought happiness and enjoyment to our daily lives, ones we have learned to depend on and give of ourselves to, friends we will never forget.

Yes, it is always hard to say goodbye - no matter which end you are on.


Barb's blessings said...

Lani Meyers. She lived three houses away and we were inseparable. Her father was career military so of course they got transferred -- to Hawaii. I cried for weeks and was inconsolable when the moving truck finally pulled out of her driveway. A few years later they were transferred back to California and were living in Orange County. My mom took me there to see her and she looked weird and acted weirder. I will never forget the disappoint I felt that time had not stood still. I never heard from her or saw her again. Wonder what happened to her.

I have lived in the same city most of my life so I have been the one that stays and everyone moves away. If at all possible I have to visit and see where they live when they move, then I am okay because I can picture where they are living. But I find it's hard to stay in touch after a few years. Life is so transient in this day and age!

Hope you end up in So. California. You would love Loma Linda. It's like being at BYU! Such a great environment to work in everyday.

Love, AB

Wife of a Resident said...

It makes me sad just thinking about it. The kids are excited about our next move, but I don't think they realize how far away it really it. A good friend and their children moved just an hour away and they talk about her on a regular basis. We got to see them on Sunday and they ran into each others arms like they had been separated for years instead of weeks. I think moving this next time will be the hardest because the kids are at the age when friends really mean something. My heart breaks for your daughter. How do you tell someone you'll make new friends?