Tuesday, October 11, 2011

19 Hours

My husband spent 19 hours in the OR the other day/night.  That seems so extreme to me, and somewhat inhumane.  I do not know how physicians can focus and effectively make life-saving decisions when they have been standing up, sweating, and struggling to keep a patient alive, for 19 hours.

He came home completely spent.  He was hungry and exhausted.  He was post call - which I always interpret to mean "day off" thought he often reminds me it is not.  I asked him if we could go camping - just for one night - not far away.  Just a quick trip.  His face lit up.  He started packing, brainstorming activities we could do and grabbing the appropriate gear.  He played and worked all day with us, and then fell asleep hard.

Maybe the 19 hours spent in the OR weren't so inhumane after all.

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Jamie Lamb said...

Hey! I'm glad you're back! Glad you had a fun little camp out--maybe I'll feel brave enough to do that when my baby is no longer a baby. :) I know my husband would love it, too.