Tuesday, February 7, 2012

some new thoughts about parenting

My mom sent me this article:  Why French Parents Are Superior.  It is lovely.  Read the entire thing.  I felt enriched, like I had read a wonderful book that had changed me in a large way. 


From A Doctors Wife said...

Another great post that leaves me with loads to think about. After the parenting crisis that is ongoing in our home (I think it's a war over authority between my eldest who is 7 and myself) I need any advice I can get. I loved this article. Maybe I could transplant my kids to France and learn how to parent and eat better:-)

Britt-Marie said...

Yes. I needed that. My husband and I have both been saying about our kids lately, "What is going on here?! Our parents would never have let us get away with that?" We definitely need to make some changes and give our kids more boundaries and more chances to learn patience/delayed gratification.