Thursday, February 7, 2013

switching gears... maybe

My mom told me recently that my blog is depressing... and not fun to read at all. I laughed (hard) and agreed with her, saying, "I don't even want to read it... or write in it!" This was not my original intent when I began to blog. I wanted a place to write about interesting experiences, to encourage and provide insights to others in the medical field, to find support and humor while connecting with others having similar experiences, to know that I was not alone in my preoccupations, fears, loneliness, excitement, and humorous undertakings as a wife of a medical resident and also as a mother. I found strength - often - particularly in comments made by others, and also in the process of writing down my thoughts and exploring my feelings. I liked it - a lot. I'm not sure where I went wrong... where I began to only blog when I could put into words some sort of tragic occurrence, like a marital argument or parental breakdown. I needed to write these down, and of course ended up here, where I had established a comfortable place for me to write. My mom encouraged me to start a journal for those experiences... and move on to better and more positive blogging - especially because I am a very positive person anyway. We'll see if it works! (Just wanted to let you know my plans...)


From A Doctors Wife said...

I think what you have experienced in your blogging is really just the truth about what happens along this journey. We get burned out and it's part of the process. I have actually appreciated some of your posts that were less that cheery because I could relate to them. I think presenting only the happy posts gives anyone who is reading and/or looking for support in their trails the false impression that things are always good. I think you have demonstrated how to deal with difficulties in life/marriage with grace and determination. I have admired that about you.

Mrs. Dr. Looze said...

Good Morning hope you are well...just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Aaward :) Check it out!

Britt-Marie said...

Your mom's a smart lady! It's a good point. I've actually been thinking I need to do the same and keep a journal like that so I can try to be more positive and not complain so much to those around me. But I wanted to say that I have appreciated your "tragic" posts as well. It has been comforting to read others are having similar experiences and then how you worked through it.