Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a memorable move

One week. It's been one week since we moved.

I will never forget the experience our family had while moving from residency to my husband's first "real" job. After staying two and a half weeks with my in-laws, (which was honestly like *heaven* - my mother-in-law cooked for me and even did my laundry a few times, kept my kids happy, fed them while I slept in... I know!), a huge going-away-party that a friend planned for our family, (lots of hugs and sad goodbyes), one week at the beach with my family while my husband finished his fellowship, (also deeply relaxing with long runs along the empty beach, my sister's baby to cuddle with, delicious meals made by my sister, more sleeping in while my sister fed my kids breakfast in the mornings... I know - I love her so much!), three days of driving 18-hours (my husband in his car with two kids and me in my van with two kids), four days at my husband's family reunion, (lots of little second cousins pulling my kids in different directions which allowed for fun adult conversations, lots of hugs, surrounded by people who love us and care about our family), and finally we arrived to our new home.

It was exhausting! We felt like sleeping for a month. But, within two days my husband's grandfather passed away (who lived just two miles from our new home). We spent time with him (my husband would not leave his side). We visited with family. We cried. And we tried to find time to unpack. We finally attended church after five days here and our kids were delighted to meet some friends.

One month. It took us one month to move 18 hours away.

I hope this is the city and home that we choose to live in - forever. I honestly never, ever want to move again.

I'll post some pictures eventually. But right now the house is pretty empty. And it will stay that way for a while. My husband's first pay check doesn't come until the end of September, and we are just barely out of residency and fellowship - the financially tightest five years of our lives.

But, but, we survived those five years. We are still married. And, we are still happy. Very, very happy.


Jamie Lamb said...

congratulations! So glad to hear you are at this point! And I feel the same way about moving--I hope I never, ever have to move again!

Enjoy the next stage of life! :)

Katie Tyler said...

We are so glad that we got to have you here for a few years! Can't wait to see the new house!!

Amanda Hunsaker said...

I've loved reading your blog! Hope to continue to hear from you occasionally :) congrats on making it!!