Saturday, February 20, 2010


Tonight my husband and I went on our first date night in 7 months (without any children, even our 7-month old, thanks to some friends who watched them). It was so nice. Somehow just being together, holding hands (instead of kids and diaper bags), and not worrying about our kids running around or needing something - even if just for two hours - is completely wonderful and strengthening.

My husband insists on date nights. He says that he "needs" a date night every week. I am so glad that he feels that way. It is really fun to put on lipstick and mascara and be the center of my husband's attention for the evening. And I know he enjoys not competing against the kids for attention too.

We slipped inside DSW after we had dinner and I tried on the shoes below. They were so fun, but my husband didn't like them. Is there a rule about shopping for shoes without your husband?

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