Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My husband mentioned the other day that he actually enjoyed the four years of medical school more than he is enjoying his residency. He said that medical school was not nearly as bad as everyone had described it. He had great friends and enjoyed the constant rush of learning. He liked studying and felt like he had more time. I was surprised by this. I felt like he had no time and was under a lot of stress during those years. It seemed to me that he would be relieved to be done with school and to be a doctor, to be done with all of the long hours of studying, the tests, the presentations, the loans, the evaluations, the interviews, the stress! But, he assured me again that he really loved medical school.

It is interesting how different our perceptions are of his experience. But I must admit now that I love, love having reached the next phase of the experience being married to a doctor. I love not accumulating new loans. I love not saying, "My husband is a student." I never minded those things during the years of medical school. I felt lucky to be where we were. But I feel lucky to be where we are now too.

Hopefully we all feel this way, wherever we are in the journey.


Katie Nikolaus said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog by way of ReAnn Christensen. My husband is MS2 at Mayo Clinic. I am actually loving life as his wife right now. I, too, stay home with our daughter and knowing that the unavoidable loans are piling up can sometimes be overwhelming. But I keep reminding my husband that these are the best years of our life...right? You mentioned that your husband's cousin in a CRNA. IS that here in Rochester? Maybe I know them!
Well done on your blog, keep it up!

Liz said...

Thanks for contributing to the blog, Katie.
I do think most people (that are older than I am) are serious when they tell me that these were the best years of their lives together. I hope we can take the lessons learned during these years and be even happier later.
Oh, and my husband's cousin is in Arizona.

Timani said...

Hopefully when he gets to Anesthesia he'll like residency more. BTW, a HS friend recently graduated from anesthesia @ UW and liked it.

Dan loves...as in loves loves the program he's at. Too bad he scrambled there...we'll know next week if he gets to stay. I detest the whole match process! Dan thought med school was much easier than what he had done the previous years, working f/t and school full to part time. He had so much more free time than we had ever experienced so we REALLY liked med school!