Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's as if a dark cloud is slowly settling around us. My husband is beginning two consecutive months of difficult rotations on Monday. Just the anticipation puts a damper on everything. It's amazing. It is difficult for me to separate myself, my feelings, and be cheerful, when I can feel my husband's anticipation, worrying, and, quite honestly, dreading of the two months.

I said to one of my husband's fellow residents who is currently in the rotation, "It's as if he feels like this weekend is the end of the world." And he responded, "That's because it is."

My dad told me once that people invest too much in each other to ever get divorced. Some one told me the other day that marriage is not an investment, but an adventure.

I think it is both. But when we are invested in each other, how do we separate ourselves enough to be happy when the other is miserable?

If anything, I think being married to a doctor really makes you appreciate happiness. There is so much opposition, but also so much good.

Life feels like a roller coaster in that there is no status quo. If you ever begin to feel like you have things under control, everything changes: their schedules, their sense of control, their level of happiness, their amount of sleep, their stress levels, etc.

It is a constant adventure, but one that my husband and I would never want to trade for anything.


Jeff and ReAnn said...

I know exactly what you mean. Jeff is so emotional when it comes to his rotations. He is like Jared in that sense I guess. Funny that when Jeff is in a bad mood it is easier for me to be in a better mood. And I can usually brighten his day. Not such much the other way around. If I am in a bad mood I just want to vent. And it makes Jeff in a bad mood. I guess I have more of an affect on him than I realize.

Liz said...

ReAnn, our relationship is the opposite! I can't be cheerful if Jared is grumpy. His mood immediately rubs off on me. I have to send him somewhere - like to go biking - so I can re-group.