Sunday, February 14, 2010


Life seems to be zooming by lately - much faster than I feel comfortable with. I have realized lately how easy it is to be rushing around meeting kids' needs, cleaning and cooking, and somehow I forget to even look at my husband or think of something nice to say to him. I get so busy and am so tired most days - it is easy to assume my husband knows that I love him.

A friend of mine recommended that this month we devote each day to strengthening our marriages. All of her ideas to do this involved increasing the number of small, meaningful interactions with our spouses every day. I am beginning to purposefully initiate more small, sweet moments when my husband and I exchange a smile or offer each other a compliment or a few kind words. I think doctors are under a lot of pressure and stress - 'preserving-people's-lives' type of stress. And sometimes they bring that home to their wives and their families. It is incredible the increased love I feel for my husband when I focus on his needs rather than my own, and then try to find small ways to help him feel this love. When I remember to look for opportunities to help my husband feel my love, he seems to do the same for me.

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