Monday, February 22, 2010

Are Doctors' Spouses Unique?

A few days ago, a friend and I discussed how difficult life is with a husband who works long hours and who, when he is home, is often stressed and tired. Her husband is not a physician, but an actor. I began to wonder if being married to a doctor really is unique enough to be blogging about it.

And then I wondered that if it isn't very unique, maybe I (and others married to doctors) just like to make sure everyone else knows about all that it entails.

A few people have given me feedback on my blog so far. The people not married to physicians have told me that my posts have been a little too negative and created a very bleak, and what they thought, unrealistic picture of what life is like as a doctor's wife (or spouse).

I deleted and edited a few of my posts.

Later, a few friends who are married to physicians responded to my question. They told me I was painting a very unrealistic and much-too-optimistic picture of life as a doctor's wife. They wanted more honestly and reality.


So now I wonder if, to those not entrenched in relationships with physicians, the stories really do seem too sad and too terrible to be real. But, honestly, when we share these same stories with others married to doctors, we just laugh.

And then we feel connected. And maybe even a little bit unique.


Jeff and ReAnn said...

How interesting. Now that you put it into words it makes so much sense. I know I had a really hard time our first few years of marriage mostly because it was also our first few years of med school and I had NO idea of what I was getting into. But I think of our relationship compared to others and in some ways feels like we have been married forever because of all the fights and things that we have worked through. It is such a challenge but has definitely made me a stronger person. Glad I am not the author of the blog who has to deal with two different perspectives. Good Luck. Its nice for me to relate and bond to other doctors wives.... and family. :)

Liz said...

Thanks, ReAnn. I love how you spell things out with such honesty and cheerfulness. Jeff is lucky to have you as his wife. The fights, if overcome together, really do make relationships stronger. Thanks for adding that!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through ReAnn. Our husbands are in school together. I think that the negativity needs to be in with the positive. If you are going to paint a true picture of med school you need both. There are a TON of ups and downs. People just need to realize that there are bad days, like in anyones life, and if you delete the negative they won't see it.

Anonymous said...