Thursday, March 4, 2010


One indication that you are married to a physician is your 7, 5, and 2-year old know what E.coli is, and your 6-month old has a stuffed-E.coli-plush-toy-thing that he loves!
Giant Microbes E. coli (Escherichia Coli) Ailmentaries Plush Toy
Germs are a huge deal at our house. I wonder if the kids will have some sort of phobia later in life.

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Timani said...

That's funny.

Just last week my 3 yr old got up during the night when everyone was asleep and got into medicine. I couldn't find 8 Tylenol Cold pills anywhere! I woke her up, asked about them and of course she remained tight-lipped. I told her I had to take her to the hospital to have her blood tested. She complained, "I don't want a shot" and on the way there she said, "I want the doctor to look at my throat." I never said anything about a doctor, but Doctors and hospitals just go together. When the nurse asked who her "Primary Care Doctor is" Lily responded, "My dad". It was too funny that she understands the basic ins and outs at this age. My older kids were oblivious at her age.